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Specifications These Top Hammer drilling rods are available in stock and upon request.
General Characteristics
  • They possess better fatigue resistance.
  • Manufactured of new 100% recyclable steel.
  • Products have 80% less CO2 emissions.
  • Process smoke filtrated and recycled.
  • 95% of waste recycle.
  • Achieve much straighter holes.
Specific Characteristics
  • Produced from carefully selected hollow drill steels and fully carburized.
  • Drill rods provide the advantages of the maximum strength with long thread life.
  • Types available: Hexagonal Drifter Rods, Single & Tandem Thread Rods, Male-Female Rods.
  • Available in most types and sizes of threads with male, female, or male-female designs.
  • Available diameter:
    • Hexaconal rods: HEX25 mm – HEX35 mm
    • Round rods: RND39 mm – RND60 mm
  • Wide range of Lengths available: 2175 mm/7’1” to 6440 mm/ 21”
  • Flushing sizes available: 8 mm, 6 mm – 21 mm, 5mm
  • Applications: all constructions including tunneling, mining, quarrying etc.
Models Available at APT Warehouses
  • MF-C38-3050/3660
  • MF-C45-3050/3660
  • MF-C51-3660/4265
  • MF-RG60-4265

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