Electric Straddle Stacker




  • Capacity available: 1000kgs and 1500kgs
  • Fork size: 560/680x1125mm
  • Lifting height: 1600/2000/2500/3000/3300/3500mm
  • Patented Multi-Function Intelligent handle
  • Light-sensor inching switch (to replace traditional mechanical
switch, with long working life and stable quality)
  • Turtle speed (quick and slow traveling modes switching for safer operation)
  • Up-right drive, easier operating in narrow aisles
  • Safety Speed Control, traveling speed decline to 2Km/h when forks over 500mm
  • Battery: 24V/75Ah GEL or 24V/100Ah GEL battery
  • Charger: Built-in Charger
  • Working hours: 3-4 hours depends on working condition.
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