Level Sensors



  • For either point or continuous measurements of bulk solids and liquids.
  • For interface measurements, the sensor weight can be adjusted according to the density of the sediment.
  • The distance is electronically measured and together with the programmed silo geometry information the microprocessors convert this distance into a volumetric output signal.
  • The sensor generates an analog 4-20 mA signal and a Modbus RTU or Profibus DP interface for the evaluation systems.
  • The system is immune to dust, dielectricity, conductivity, humidity and caking, etc. hence it always delivers a reliable level signal.
  • The system is simple to operate and extremely durable which keeps service and operating costs to an absolute minimum.
  • The sensor can handle a variety of process conditions within a wide range of industries.
  • UWT level sensors are characterized by their reliability, easy handling and long service life
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UWT capacitance continuous and point level detection in liquids