Safety Switches




  • There are different types and kind of Safety switches available, just the right ones for your application.
  • Head movement type: Linear movement (plunger); Rotary movement (lever); Rotary actuation.
  • Body dimension(mm) range: from (30 x 50 x 16) to (52 x 117 x 30).
  • Contacts type and composition: 1NC; 1NC+1NO; 2NO; 2NC; 1NC+2NO; 3NC.
  • Supply voltage type: AC/DC.
  • Ambient air temperature for operation ranges -25…+70 °C.
  • IP rating ranging from IP66 to IP68.
  • Type reference: XCSM, XCSP, XCSD, XCSPL, XCSPR and XCSTR.
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