• Pragma enclosures come in a wide modular range between 13 to 24 modules per row.
  • An enclosure may have up to 6 rows, increasing the total number of modules.
  • There are both flush types and surface mounted types available.
  • All enclosures suitable for 13-18 modules are rated 63 to 125 A.
  • All enclosures suitable for 24 modules are rated 125 to 160 A.
  • Both plain/transparent and opaque doors are available as accessories.
  • 4 different rail DIN position allow to increase or reduce the pitch or gain space in depth.
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Acti9, Multi9 – Environmental conditions (Version 1.0)
Kit for mounting Compact and Interpact devices in the interface (Version 02)


How to Install Acti9 VDIS Vertical Distribution Blocks 125A in Pragma Enclosure