Ring Blowers




  • A wide range of power ratings are available in stock and upon request.
  • High pressure, Medium pressure and Low-pressure blowers are available.
  • Material: both the casing and the impeller is made of Aluminium.
  • Both single phase and three phase blowers are available.
  • Offers a very low sound level: 66 dB(A)
  • Insulation: Class F.
  • All ratings/measurements are done under air temperature
of 20oC and atmospheric pressure of 1,013mbar.
  • The tolerance of the performance value is 10%
  • The sound level was measured at a distance of 1.5m the fully open inlet and outlet ports
  • Anti-corrosive and explosion-proof treatments can be applied upon request.
  • Please refer to the catalog for more information.
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