Scissor Lift Cart




  • There are various kinds including – TA15, TA30, TA50, TAD35 and TAD80.
  • The carts are simple and compact for suitable load lifting and transporting.
  • Offers ergonomic solution to lifting, positioning and transporting.
  • Over loaded valve design to prevent misuse of truck and reduce the maintenance cost.
  • Each cylinder is equipped with an intimal hydraulic velocity fuse.
  • The heavy-duty steel construction is engineered to put up with tough environments.
  • Two rigid front castors and two rear swivels (with brake) are more maneuverable in tight areas.
  • Safety stops minimize the risk of an empty desk from lowering performing maintenance.
  • Diminish worker bending and lifting, which reduces risk of injury.
  • Proportional lowering ensures efficient operation.
  • Raise and lower the deck with minimum pains and strain.
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