Copper Busbars



  • Various kinds such as: Linergy LGYE, Linergy LGY, Linergy BS, Linergy BW, Linergy BZ
  • Available solutions up to 4000 A, in compliance with standard IEC 61439-1&2 (guaranteed for thermal and electrodynamics characteristics inside Prisma range)
  • High short-circuit withstand capacity (Icw) up to 100 kA rms/1s
  • Devices can be powered anywhere within the panel
  • Connection everywhere without drilling
  • A straightforward layout that allows quick and simplified extensions and upgrades, while keeping initial switchboard performances
  • Applications for low voltage areas include: Schools’ Small shops, Buildings, Offices, Laboratories, Hospitals, Hotels etc.
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TeSys – chapter B1 – Power busbar systems – Linergy – cial ref – digicat (Version 6.0)
TeSys – chapter B1 – Power busbar systems – Linergy – tec data – digicat (Version 6.0)