Door Mounted Switch Disconnector



  • These safety switch disconnectors have current ratings ranging from 12 A to 175 A.
  • It’s a flexible choice for mounting and enclosure options for local starting or stopping of motors.
  • They are available in open or enclosed versions.
  •  Front panel or DIN rail mounting.
  • Wide range of handles area available: Red, Black, Pistol and Pad-lockable.
  •  Several lengths of shafts are also available.
  •  Recommended association with Thermal-magnetic motor circuit breakers: TeSys GV2-ME.
  •  Available in kit (switch + handle + shaft = 1 reference) or separately.
  •  Compliance with international codes.
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Tesys – chapter B3 – switch-disconnectors Vario – tec data – digicat (Version 7.0)
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