Polyester Wall Mount Enclosure



  • These are Class 2 fiberglass reinforced polyester wall-mounting enclosures.
  • Ideal choice for outdoor and harsh environments installations.
  • There 8 different dimensions (in mm) ranging from (310x215x160) to (1056x852x350).
  • 2 locks with double-bar insert or 1 lock system with 3 action points.
  • Some versions come with metallic or Bakelite mounting plate.
  • Some versions come with version with plain or glazed door.
  • Degree of protection:
  • IP66 for all enclosures
  • Impact resistance:
  • IK10 for plain door version
  • IK08 for the glazed door.
  • Self-extinguish: HB40 (Has 960o C test withstanding).
  • Colour: Grey RAL7035 (Same finish for all surfaces).
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