Wiring Devices



  • There are different types and kinds of electrical wiring devices available on request. Ones that are just right for all your needs. These include:
  • Flush Switches:
  • 13A or 16AX 250V 1 or 2 or 3 Gang 1 or 2 Ways Switches
  • 13A or 16AX 250V Intermediate Switches
  • 10A 250V 1 or 2 Gang Bell Press Switches
  • 10A 250V Bell Press Switch with Bell Icon
  • 10A 250V 1 Gang Curtain Switch
  • Dimmer Switches & Fan Control Switches
  • 1 Gang 400W Light Dimmer
  • 1 Gang 250VA Fan Speed Controller
  • Socket Outlets
  • 5A 250V 1 Gang Switched Sockets
  • 10A 250V 1 Gang 2 or 3 Pin Switched Sockets
  • 13A 250V 1 Gang Sockets
  • 13A 250V 1 Gang Large Dolly Switched Socket
  • 13A 250V Twin Gang Large Dolly Switched Socket
  • 13A 250V 1 Gang 3 Pin Large Dolly Switched Universal Socket
  • 15A 250V 1 Gang Switched Socket
  • 16A 250V 1 Gang 3 Pin Switched Socket
  • 16A 250V Twin Gang Schuko Socket with Shutter, etc.
  • Double Pole Switches
  • Connection and Control Units – 25A 250V Connection Unit, 45A 250V Cooker Control Unit etc.
  • Fused Connection Units – 13A 250V Switched Fused Connection Unit, etc.
  • Hotel Accessories – Do Not Disturb and Clean Up Room with Bell Press
  • Telecommunication Accessories – TV Outlets, Data Outlet with Shutter, BT Master/Slave, etc.
  • Flush Plates and Accessories
  • There are many others. Kindly refer to the catalog at the Downloads
  • These devices are clean, geometrically balanced design
  • Thin: 8mm slim at the thickest point
  • High fatigue resistance capacity
  • Available in White, Wooden paint or Aluminum Silver color.
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