Busbar Insulators



  • These Low voltage busbar insulators are manufactured by compression moulding and are made only in polyester material, reinforced with fiberglass BMC RF 3/20 
  • Certified UL and classified HL2 according to EN45545-2.
  • There are two categories:
  • File Nr. E502533 category QEUY2/8 for use below 1000V
  • File Nr. E502534 category DLAR2/8 for use above 1000V
  • Assemblable busbar system suitable for bars from min. (mm) 40 x 6 to max (mm) 120 x 10.
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Data Sheet of Busbar System PSB
Data Sheet of Standoff insulators DB/P


Busbar Insulator/Low Voltage Standoff Insulator
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