Compact Contactors (LC1K/LP1K)




  • TeSys K compact contactor are rated for both AC-1 and AC-3 applications
  •  Rated current up to 20A are available. 
  • A wide variety of rated operational voltage ranging from 115V to 690V.
  • There are wide ranges of control circuit voltages available, both AC and DC:  12V up to 230V.
  • Terminal connection type includes: Screw clamp, Lug-ring, Faston connectors, Spring terminals, Pins for printed circuit boards.
  • 1NO or 1NC contact embedded.
  • Available for 1 way motors, 2 way motors (reversing Contactors) and Star Delta pre- wired version.
  • Possibility to extend the number of auxiliary contacts.
  • Possibility to protect the motor with additional thermal relays LR2K.
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