Enclosed DOL Starters (LE1D / LE1G / DE1DS)




  • The Enclosed D.O.L motor starters are compact and ergonomically designed starters, simple to use and easy to install. 
  • These starters can be wall-mounted or installed for local control.
  • LE1, LE2 range: contactor + overload Relay Up to 37 KW (80 A).
  • Available in both reversing and non-reversing starters.
  • IP 55/65 degree of protection.
  • Ambient air temperature: operation from -5 to +40 oC.
  • Supply voltages between 380 and 440 V. 
  • Operating positions: similar to contactors.
  • Enclosure Material: LE2 K and LE D09-D35 in Polycarbonate, LE D40A-D65A in Sheet Steel.
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