Dial & Digital Indicators




Specifications For Dial
  • A unique shock-proof mechanism is incorporated, providing improved immunity to shocks
  • The crystal is hard coated for durability and scratch resistance.
  • 001-inch resolution provides maximum accuracy and specificity.
  • Stainless steel rack and contact tip for reliable readings.
  • Approximately 40% lighter than the conventional dial indicator.
  • Provided with an improved resistance to shop floor contaminants such as water and dust.
  • Due to the spindle bushing being offset from the stem, spindle movement will not be hindered or jammed when clamping along the stem.
  • A pair of limit hands are provided for quick and easy tolerance judgment.
Specifications For Digital
  • The shell of indicator is made of stainless steel 
  • Offers resistance to corrosion and rust.
  • LCD for reading/ measuring surface variations.
  • Switchable between mm and inch; Zero setting.
  • Has measurement range of 0-25.4mm. 
  • High Resolution up to 0.0005″ (0.01 mm).
  • Comes with batteries, offering 250 hours of use.
  • Touch button, sensitive touch function.
  •  IP54 waterproof grade.
  • Screw Thread M2.5; The screw is removable
 and can be replaced for other sizes.
  • Comes with instruction manual.