Earth Leakage Relays (Vigirex)




  • Vigirex relays for Toroid sensors are available in: 
  • Modular (M) devices: mounted on standard 35 mm DIN rails
  • Panel (P) model: mounts in cut-outs on front doors, or front plates (72 x 72 mm) using integral mounting clips
  • These relays are for use on low-voltage AC installations up to 1000 V, and for TT or TN neutral networks
  • Current rating: up to 3200 A (depending on sensor)
  • Sensitivities ranges from 30 mA to 30 A (with time delay range from 0 to 4.5 s)
  • Applications with frequencies up to 400 Hz
  • Operation guaranteed in less than 40 ms
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User guide:
Vigirex RHU Monitoring and Protection Relay – User Guide (Version 02)