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  • Zelio Timer Relays are complete range of high-performance timing relays for industrial applications. 
  • May be Single or multiple functions timer relay.
  • Functions include: Delay, Interval, Cyclic equal OFF first, Cyclic equal ON first, Pulse output (50msec), Delay on Break, Delay on Make/ Delay on Break, Interval after Break, Single shot, Retriggerable single shot, Delay on make with totalise, Interval with totalize, etc.
  • They are available in conventional dials or NFC.
  • power supply range from 24 to 240 V
  • Single or multi timing ranges from 0.02s to 999 hours
  • Terminal connection type: Screw or spring connection terminals
  • Output types: Relay or Solid-state output
  • Diagnostic button and dial pointer LED indicator
  • Mounting type: DIN rail mount, miniature plug-in and panel mount
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