Disk Roller




  • The rollers are made from steel pipe, powder-coated to protect it against corrosion.
  • Roller axle: Rolled round bar or drawn round bar
  • Hub:
– steel welded pressed hub, – cast iron hub
  • Bearings:
– radial contact single-row ball bearing, – sealing according to customer’s requirements: 1Z, 2Z, 2RS, – with radial run-out C3 or C4,
  • Discs:
– Material: polyurethane or rubber, – Different disc sizes (diameter, width) – Types: A, B, A+B, D
  • Spacer sleeves:
– Material: polyamide – Sizes available for pipes: Ø63.5; Ø88.9
  • Length Dimensions: 160 mm to 2200 mm
  • Operational temperature range:
– rubber discs -20° to +90°C – polyurethane discs -30° to +180°C
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