Human Machine Interface (HMI)



  • TFT 65K colors for all screen sizes for enhanced monitoring conditions and operator user experience
  • LED backlight enabling energy saving, with complete dimming functionality to reduce power consumption and designed for specific applications like marine
  • There are 7” wide screen displays available which provide up to 40% more graphic space than standard 5”7 for equivalent price.
  • Embedded Ethernet for all terminals with compatibility for various web services 
  • Up-to-date interfaces (USB 2.0, SD cards) to allow easy maintenance and strong peripheral links
  • The 4GB SD card allows for large log files capability, and the new mini-USB port allows downloads with standard cable>


Catalog Harmony GTO Standard and Stainless HMI panels English 03/2020 (Version 3.0) 
Harmony GTO – HMIGTO●●00/HMIGTO●●10, Quick Reference Guide (Version 05)


Harmony ST6 – Schneider Electric’s Basic HMI”