Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)



  • Different types of models are available with a wide range of specifications
  • May have multiple of these Communication fieldbus and networks
  • Embedded: EtherNet/IP, Sercos III, Modbus TCP, Serial link, USB mini-B programming port, RS 232/RS 485 serial link, CANopen, Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT.
  • Optional: CANopen, Profibus DP, RT-Ethernet.
  • Input types:
  • Up to 40 logic inputs
  • Up 2 analog inputs
  • Output types:
  • Up to 16 relay outputs
  • Up to 16 transistor outputs
  • 6 high-speed counters 
  • Memory: 128 KB to 256 KB NV RAM; 512 MB DDR2 to 1 GB DDR3L
  • Supply voltage: 24 Vdc or 100…240 Vac
  • High degree of flexibility allowing for additional modules 
  • 4 differential 1MHz outputs, supporting U/D, U/D Dir, A/B output modes
  • Built-in hardware digital filter for counting.
  • Highly accurate PWM 200kHz output, resolution 0.3%
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