Voltage Transformers



  • These transformers are designed with an innovative feature that offer high-level
  • characteristics (depending on the model)
  • Universal range from 25 VA to 2500 VA (both Single and Double winding available)
  • There are both single winding and double winding type.
  • Secondary earthing by plug-in jumpers (depending on model)
  • Series/parallel wiring of secondary windings by plug-in jumpers (depending on model)
  • Mounting: Fixing on omega rail (depending on model) or panel (screw)
  • Operating temperature: up to +60°C
  • Signaling LED
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Catalog Modicon ABT7 ABL6 Single phase transformers 230 to 400 Vac – 25 to 2500 VA (Version 4.0)


Installing Jumpers on Square D 9070 Industrial Control Transformers